Return of the LINK method

In 1997, RFC 2068 --think HTTP/1.1 "beta"--defined a LINK method so that editors could send link requests to each other. Here's an example request which states that is "about" RFC 2068:

LINK /html/rfc2068
Link: <>; rel="about"

And in response:

HTTP/1.1 202 Accepted

202 is used to minimize the risk of Denial-of-Service attempts.

Some History

The LINK and UNLINK methods appear as early as 1992 in relation to a proposed "HTTP2" (no relation to the current HTTP/2).

Later, between 1997 (the publication date of RFC 2068) and 1998 (the launch of RFC 2616--HTTP/1.1), no one had attempted implementation (at least not at a sufficient level for the editors--and the LINK method was removed from the HTTP/1.1 spec (along with UNLINK, PATCH, and Link headers).

Relify project aims to bring it back with the help of draft-snell-link-method-12 as a guide--which couldn't have showed up at a better time! Here's some early thoughts on bringing LINK & UNLINK back by James Snell.

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